Driving Manners

Our cars are often one of those instigators of.

Adam Lowe
3-minute read
Episode #4

If you should get into an accident, this is another important time to remain as calm and collected as possible. 

First, make sure that no one is injured; then get your car off to the side of the road or somewhere safe.  Be careful not to step out into traffic.  You should try to be as courteous as possible to the other driver.  See if anyone needs help or medical attention.  You should minimally exchange insurance, license plate, and contact information with the other driver; contact your insurance company, and file a police report as soon as possible.

Being polite does not mean putting yourself at risk, so don’t pick up hitchhikers along the way.  Use your common sense as well for accidents that you feel are suspicious – if you feel someone has hit you as part of a scam, pull over and call the police immediately.

When parking, remember not to use handicapped spaces inappropriately, don’t block driveways or park other cars in, and try not to take up two spaces.

And on a final note, having good manners means treating others, and the world around us, well.  So try and treat your fellow humans and the planet well by driving more fuel-efficient cars, carpooling when possible and, best of all, using your car less often.

So, happy driving, and thank you for listening to quick and dirty tips for a more polite life.

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