Hotel Manners

A comfortable hotel stay is not just about me.

Trent Armstrong
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Episode #44

The Take-Away

What can we take away from this? Just about anything. Go ahead. Take the little shampoos. Take the shower caps and sewing kits. Take the newspaper provided at your door. They'll charge you for the robe, but you shouldn't feel any guilt about rounding up the toiletries to supplement your supply at home. A side note here is that many charity groups accept donations of these kinds of things to help people as they get back on their feet. Even if you're not going to use the little shampoo and conditioner set yourself, you might take it with you and find a charity in your area who would love to have those items.

Homeward Bound

I remember staying in hotels with my family on vacation. When we would pack up our things to leave, my father would begin straightening the room. That's just what he did. We would give him a hard time, but he insisted on cleaning up every time. His argument was that the person coming in to clean the room would be surprised at how little work was to be done and have a better day. He was and still is always interested in making others feel important. And that's what being polite is all about.

Leaving the towels in a pile, putting trash in the bin and generally putting things back where they belong is helpful to the cleaning service, but it also can ensure that you don't forget something on your way out.

Yes, my dad also cleans up after himself at a restaurant. And, yes, I now do the same thing.

The last little thing here would be the keycard. I'm not sure if there are many hotels in operation now that are not using the keycards. It's perfectly within hotel policy for you to throw away the keycard, but I always get a nice smile and "thank you" when I return mine to the front desk.

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