Money Manners at the Office

Do you want to pitch in for a gift?

Trent Armstrong

Co-Worker #1 (Suzie): "Hey, you owe me $10."

Co-Worker #2 (Sammie):  "What?  Why do I owe you $10?"

Suzie: "Oh, we all decided to go in together on a present for Jenny's birthday, but you were at lunch so I paid your portion."

Sammie: "But, I didn't agree to contribute any more for the present."

Suzie: "Well, everyone else was chipping in so I thought it was only fair that you do the same."

Sammie: runs away quickly

OK, not so much the last line. And yes, today we are discussing financial manners...in the Office.

Party Time

There seems to be a growing trend of spending more personal money on co-workers in an office environment than in the past. Maybe it is seen as working better as a "team" or being like "family" or even as a morale builder. We spend a significant amount of time with our co-workers so it would make sense that we try to make the office environment a happy place. However, there should still be a separation between work and personal life, especially when it comes to spending money. After all, work is where we go to make money, not spend it, right? So when planning a work-related baby shower, wedding shower, or party, a good rule of thumb is to never pressure someone to pay or "chip in" for gifts in an office environment. I don't know about you, but the holiday season is rapidly approaching, and I have 16 immediate family members to start buying for!

Getting Hosed by a Shower

Do you hear this? "Suzie wants to throw a wedding shower for John and thought it would be better if everyone just gave money and bought one big gift...."  I feel like this can be categorized as adult peer pressure.


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