3 Easy Steps to Be More Attractive

It doesn't take a lot to make a good first impression. Check out Modern Manners Guy's 3 easy tips for looking great.

Richie Frieman
4-minute read
Episode #316

Recently, a Modern Manners Guy Facebook friend Bethany was on the train on her way to work when a very handsome man sat down next to her.

She said, “He had movie star looks and I wasn't the only one who noticed. I saw several of my fellow travelers admiring him appreciatively.” Not a bad way to start the day, right?

But then it all went terribly wrong. As she describes it, “When I reached down to grab my bag, I noticed that he had long, grimy fingernails and realized the only movie he’d star in would be a horror film. Gross!” Turns out Captain Sexy needs to invest in a nail clipper.


So what have we learned here?

You may think it's shallow, but the fact is that appearance is important - big time important. You can be dressed to the nines, have hair like the model in a shampoo commercial, and the stunning good looks of a Hollywood A-Lister, but if you don’t take care of the finer details, you will turn people off.  So with that, check out my top 3 easy (I mean super easy) steps to looking great:

Tip #1: Tame Your Fingernails

As I said earlier, revolting fingernails are a complete deal-breaker.  Your hands can say a lot about you. You use them to communicate way more than you realize and if your nails aren’t in good shape, people will notice and it won't go over well. This negative reaction is hard to overcome, too. We tend to make snap judgments about people in split seconds and when something about them grosses you out, it’s very hard to shake that impression.

For the fellas, it’s simple – just clip them once a week. You don’t even have to go to a salon for this. I wish I had further details, but it’s honestly that flippin’ easy.   

For the ladies, even though going to a salon is pretty standard practice for many of you, you don’t get a free pass on nasty nails if you can’t make it to your regular appointment.  Yes, long nails can be attractive, but not when they're so long and gnarly that you look like you're auditioning for the role of Wicked Witch of The West. Whether you simply do a trim and file each week at home, or spend much more to have the full salon experience, having neat, clean nails is a no brainer and an absolute essential.

Tip #2: KO the BO

Sounds crazy, but deodorant is still a lost concept for many people.  It’s a basic function of our mammal nature to judge things by smell, so if you’re ripe like a week-old can of tuna left in the hot Florida sun, people will distance themselves from you - literally.

In fact, the effect of having a pleasant body odor was recently illustrated in a study published in the American Journal of Political Science. The study was called "The Smell of Politics – People Are Attracted to the Body Odor of Others with Similar Political Beliefs" (I'm not kidding. That was the actual title of the study!). The researchers found that

"...people find the smell of others with similar political opinions to be attractive, suggesting that one of the reasons why so many spouses share similar political views is because they were initially and subconsciously attracted to each other’s body odor."