3 Halloween Stories That'll Make You Cringe

Not every Halloween is filled with treats. Here are some stories of improper Halloween behavior.

Richie Frieman
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Episode #408

So here was Harry, a 34-year-old guy, wearing a brown and green TRex outfit, face paint and claws, now crying his eyes out in his boss’ office. Rightfully so too. I mean, being cut loose stinks! I’ve been let go and when you get that call it will crush you. However, here was Harry, dressed as a “frickin’ dinosaur” (as he said) packing up his cube, in front of his (now ex) coworkers. Let me point out, that it wasn’t his costume that got him fired—it was just bad timing. His boss had planned to drop the ax that day not knowing Harry would be all dolled up for Halloween. This tip has two helpful points I’d like to address.  For all the bosses out there DO NOT pick a holiday to fire someone. Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Earth Day … just don’t do it. Unless it’s something that deems an “on the spot” firing, there is nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow (like in Tip #1).  And for the employees, it’s always proper to show your enthusiasm, but don’t go overboard when you know you have to actually work that same day. The last thing you want is to have to yell on a call with a client or give a presentation, while dressed like an Avenger.

Tip #3: The Lazy Trick or Treater

I’m not sure at what age you’re considered “too old” for trick or treating. Maybe eighth grade or ninth? Regardless, I will say that a good sign to identify as being too old to trick or treat is when you don’t even bother to dress up. For example, the other night when I took my kids trick or treating, I saw a group of maybe 13 or 14-year-olds walking around, wearing a baseball cap and saying they were dressed as a “fan.” They didn’t even have a jersey on! Just the stinkin’ hat. They had no intention of getting dressed, they just wanted some free candy. I can imagine the conversation that took place about a half hour prior.

Dude #1: “Hey, dude I’m bored.”

Dude #2: “Yeah me too. Want to go get some free candy?”

Dude #1: “Yeah … But we don’t have a costume.”

Dude #2: “Eh, screw it. Just wear an Oriole’s hat.”

Kudos to Dude #2 for the ingenious idea. Whether or not this was what really went down (although I’ll bet it was a close version), it’s improper to throw in the towel for the costume just so you can reap the benefits of the candy or to attend a party. This is when I believe you’re being a lazy trick or treater.

When it comes to Halloween either go big … or stay home.

The part that made things worse was that you can’t really deny kids candy for their lack of a proper costume. They bring a bag, you fill it. It’s hard—and a waste of time—to debate them. However, one parent at a house I saw them entering even said, “You’re not even dressed up!” But they didn’t care. They continued to go from house to house filling their mouths with Hershey bars. Folks, when it comes to Halloween either go big … or stay home.

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