3 Things You Should Never Do While Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go etiquette? Yes, it's a thing, and some people really need to learn the ropes.

Richie Frieman
5-minute read
Episode #397

Now, I know many of you may say, “Come on, Modern Manners Guy, you’re just being a party pooper! There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.” To that, I say you’re right, there is nothing wrong with friendly competition. However, Pokémon Go is not worth injuring yourself. Playing it to the point of Olympic competitiveness will not make you a hometown hero. Dashing through Central Park full speed, not caring who you hurt in the process, doesn’t make you Kerri Strug suffering through a broken ankle to win a gold medal for her country: it’s makes you foolish. Mannerly Nation, play Pokémon Go and have fun, but don’t take this game to an extreme level.

Pokémon Go is not worth injuring yourself. Playing it to the point of Olympic competitiveness will not make you a hometown hero. 

Tip #3: Acting Immature

Even though Pokémon Go was targeted towards adults, I hardly imagine Nintendo believing they would have created such a monster. As a businessman, I applaud Nintendo for being innovative, but I doubt they imagined how intense the obsession would become in adults. So when I hear about these whacky stories involving grown ups (like Paul from the previous tips) running amok over a children’s game, it makes me rethink what it means to be an adult all together. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there is a competitive angle to Pokémon Go and it’s become a fun social event—and believe me, no one likes fun more than yours truly. 

Pokémon Go has made for an entirely new form of entertainment but I would hate to think adults are dropping years off their age due to immature measures of capturing an elusive Bulbasaur. An example of making sure you check your age in everything you do is in my book, Reply All…And Other Ways to Tank Your Career, where I talked about job interview etiquette. I gave the analogy of thinking like a celebrity: when celebrities become famous, they give up a certain level of anonymity, making it truly hard to be themselves and having to watch everything they do. They walk around “posing” or making sure they’re always dressed a certain way … or else they get snapped by TMZ wearing ratty sweatpants and a beer stained tshirt while pumping gas. When going to a job interview, I stressed thinking that way, like you’re always being watched. Same goes for playing Pokémon Go; if you let your inner child run ramped in pubic, essentially acting like a child, you’ll be perceived as rude and immature. No one will give you the benefit of the doubt because of the app. Plus, it’s hard to play off yelling at someone for stealing your Pikachu or you bragging about your score … as an adult! So, even though playing games allow you to relive your youth, just don’t regress to acting like you’re an actual seven year old.

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