3 Worst Halloween Costumes of 2014

Nothing like a terrible, tacky Halloween costume to ruin a party - and your reputation. Modern Manners Guy has the top 3 worst costume ideas for Halloween 2014.

Richie Frieman
4-minute read
Episode #315

When you put on a “naughty” Halloween costume, you send two messages:

  1. You’re available, now. Like, seriously, NOW! I mean, where’s your room?

  2. You lack all creativity and originality.

I’m all about “if you have it, flaunt it,” but when you strut out in public wearing only a fig leaf over your private parts and call yourself “Adam” or “Eve,” you look ridiculous. Sure, you’ll get noticed, but they’ll be laughing when you leave.

Not to sound like a prude, but if you are going the naughty route on Halloween, try to leave something for the imagination. Tease, don’t sleaze. This way, when you're up for that promotion next year and your boss happens upon pictures from Halloween, you can at least talk your way out of it. Make it a classy night, not one that will make you front and center of everyone’s Instagram page (#craycray).

Tip #3: The "Not Trying" Costume

In the hit show, The Office, Jim had a reputation for cop-out Halloween costumes. There was his Facebook costume where he just wrote the word "book" on his face.

Another was putting 3 black dots on the right side of his tie to be “Three-Hole Punch Jim.” Funny for TV, yes, but pretty lame in real life.

This happens a lot. You get invited to a party where costumes are mandatory, but you're not really into it so you cop-out with one of these non-costumes. There's always one person at a Halloween party who shows up in a suit and tie and says they're dressed as a Lawyer. Who goes to a Halloween party as a lawyer? Really? Whether or not this person meant to offend, they will make the host feel badly by putting zero effort into their outfit.

I get that Halloween is not for everyone and I’m not saying you have to dress up. I’m 35 and when I take my 6-year-old and 2-year-old trick or treating, I will not be dressing up. Not because I don’t love Halloween, but because my job that night will be to chase my son from house to house and make sure he doesn’t dive headfirst into a bowl of Kit Kats (as was the case last year).

However, if I was invited to a party, you bet your butt I’d rock out something creative and fun. So for all the party poopers out there who think they're too cool to dress up this Halloween - relax, you’re not. You’re just taking yourself way too seriously.

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