Back to School Manners

Reading, Writing, Arithmetics, and Manners. Tips to help at school and for life!

Trent Armstrong
5-minute read
Episode #94

Oh, wow. Summer is over and if you or your kids are not back in school yet, that will soon come. Modern Manners Guy here, and I'm sure there has been a certain amount of excitement mixed in with a double scoop of weeping and gnashing of teeth as the new school year gets into gear! I don't really expect to help anyone become the most popular kid at school with this episode, but if you, young student, lend me your earbuds for a few minutes, you just might be the most mannerly. Don't jump to the next podcast!

Are the Manners Tips Only For Students? No.

Now, you might just think it sounds a little dorky to talk about having manners at school, but I can promise it's bomb. New kids at school, the person you are most interested in dating, and your Home Living teacher will certainly notice if you decide to do a few simple things and practice manners on campus.

Note: Anyone listening to this who is not a student should pay close attention, as each of these tips are just simply good to live by.

How to Have Good Manners Around New People

The new school year is often the most daunting for those students who have just moved to the area and are new to the school. If you've been at a certain school for a while, offer to help someone who looks new find their classes. Then spend time getting to know them. A little effort on your part could make someone’s first day of school a much more positive experience. If you're the new one, look around for folks who also look like they aren't really sure where they are going. You never know! You might make a friend.

And if someone new approaches you to ask for help getting to class, take it upon yourself to get a name and offer your own. Then, over time, make a concerted effort to remember that name and get to know the person. Find out where they are from, what kind of movies they like, what their least favorite cafeteria food is, etc. That doesn't have to happen right away, but it shouldn't take two years.

And here is the key. This tip will help you become someone who will excel the rest of your life: