Back-to-School Manners for Parents

Some principal things for parents to remember at the start of school!

Trent Armstrong
5-minute read
Episode #95

Temper your comments to the teacher and the principal. Many parents have been known to just make demands and even wild accusations about how their child is being treated. Don't be one of those parents. Be sure to take reports from your kids’ teachers seriously, and if you need to question the information you get from them, be respectful but firm. Refrain from being a busy-body and trying to be such a squeaky wheel that your kid gets special treatment. Any special treatment that comes from that kind of meddling will be lined with disdain.

Children need the chance to grow up on their own and learn from their mistakes. You trying to overlook their behavior or fix their shortcomings with threats to the principal will actually prevent them from ever growing up. There will be times when the teacher is actually at fault. Treat the instructors with respect until you discover that your child is not the problem. Then maintain poise and composure when making your complaints. Barging and yelling and calling names will cause whoever is in charge to not take you seriously. Remember that your kids are a reflection of you, so you should take the time to be something worth reflecting.


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