Can You Hold That Door?

You’re running to enter a building and someone ahead of you is opening the door. But just as you get there…the door shuts in your face. How rude! Good thing Modern Manners Guy is here with 3 tips on door holding etiquette.

Richie Frieman,
December 23, 2012
Episode #230

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As you probably know, most Modern Manners Guy articles and podcasts come from true stories and real life experiences. Many times it's a reader or friend that emails me with an idea of something they just witnessed, such as What To Do If You're Stood Up? or, Job Interview Etiquette, or Improper New Year’s Resolutions. But the majority of the time, it's something I've personally had the unfortunate luck to experience.

Today’s episode is no exception. I was on my way to get my morning coffee. I got within five feet of the door to the coffeehouse as another guy was coming in. Instead of holding the door open for me (as is standard practice in polite society), he slammed it in my face..

Okay, so maybe "slammed" is a dramatic interpretation. Maybe it was more along the lines of “let it go.” And it’s not that I couldn't easily open the door myself. But it was just shocking that someone would be so careless. In case you're wondering, he did see me, and I gave them the evil eye as we stood uncomfortably next to each other at the counter.

"Yeah, remember me? Looks like we got here the same time, buddy!"

So with that, let's explore this subtle act of kindness that sometimes gets overlooked. Here are my top 3 Quick and Dirty Tips for proper door holding etiquette: