Celebrity Baby Pictures - Profit or Private?

With one simple link, superstar couple Jay-Z and Beyonce changed  the relationship between celebrities and the press. Here's how they did it...

Richie Frieman
2-minute read

“A photo says a thousand words” nowadays can really mean just that.

From photos of Middle Eastern rebellions, to politicians caught with underage interns, and even shots of your average celebrity out shopping, photos today can not only say a thousand words but also be worth thousands of dollars. However, many celebrities take this literally and offer their children’s photos for thousands – and many times millions – to the press.

There are dozens of shows out there that glorify parents pimping their kids for profit. Then there are mega-celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce who knew from day onethat the public would demand photos of their little girl. However, rather than selling little Blue Ivy Carter to the highest bidder, the family took the high road, offering their baby photos…drumroll please…for free! 

What? Do you mean they freely gave the press photos? 

What about the $10 million that Brad and Angelina got for their twins? Or the thousands (I can’t believe it even fetched more than $10) that Tori Spelling received for her daughter's photos? Here you have literally the biggest superstar couple on the planet telling the public, “Here’s our beautiful child,” for free. This is about as ridiculous as Paris Hilton giving a high school graduation speech on how important it is to “work hard” and "stay in school."

Now, I for one will never feel bad for a celebrity… EVER! (Did I mention never-ever?) People choose to be celebrities and with hundreds of millions of dollars as the result, I feel about as much pity for them, as I do for The Bachelor having to choose from 25 incredibly attractive women who beg for his acceptance. But, I will say that in no way shape or form do celebrities – or anyone for the matter – “owe” the public photos of their children.

Living your life in the public eye is the price of fame. Deal with it! However, showing pictures of your child is something that is solely up to the parents, and not a duty. So, when Jay-Z and Beyonce uploaded baby Blue’s photos on Tumblr, they showed us that they understand who they are and what people expect, but also saying, “Here’s your photo – now please go away.”

And that, my friends, is how you do it. Hats off.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock