Cell Phone Etiquette

When and where is appropriate to answer your cell phone.

Trent Armstrong
5-minute read
Episode #73

And cell phones should be as scarce on elevators as penguins in the desert. I'm not sure there are any elevator rides that last more than one or two minutes total, and there aren't many conversations that can't wait until you're not in a small box with strangers. Plus, no one on that elevator cares to overhear any conversation you might have.


"But what about texting?" you ask, "It's quiet and shouldn't offend anyone!"

I agree with you! It is quiet and it shouldn't, but sometimes it does-- remember the theater scenario? It seems that people have yet to fully grasp the notion that texting in a darkened room is terribly distracting. If you are so disinterested in what is going on on the screen or stage as to find yourself texting friends who are not present, please, excuse yourself and go be with them-- again, I don't mean to be rude, only practical.

If you're in the library, bookstore, mall, heck, almost anywhere, texting is one of the least annoying things you can do, and provided you have the key sounds turned off and are not standing in someone's way -- get to texting!

Though it seems simple enough, the mobile phone has a challenging etiquette that should be observed so we can avoid irritating others or embarrassing ourselves.

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