College Student Etiquette

Being a college student can be the time of your life, but be careful you don’t develop some bad habits. Modern Manners Guy has 3 tips for proper etiquette in college, and beyond.

Richie Frieman
4-minute read
Episode #193

Since the annual March Madness is now upon us, college life and college students are front and center. Between working on your grades, deciding what you’re going to do with your life, and, of course, partying, the balancing act of college can be tough. So I’m pretty sure that manners and etiquette take a backseat. And with all the college buzz in the air, I thought I’d offer my younger readers a chance to reflect on their college lives, and my graduated readers to consider their past college experiences.

Proper College Student Etiquette

There are two images that flash across the mind when you think of college students: the studious and the party animal. You want to believe that most will take the studious route, rather than the one paved with red Solo cups and bad decisions documented on Facebook. But who are we kidding? College is a blast and you can easily combine good grades with an active social life, if you keep your manners and etiquette intact.

So before you pull an all-nighter, check out my top 3 Quick and Dirty Tips for proper college student etiquette:

Tip #1 – Too Cool For School

When I was in college, I thought I knew everything, I was on the right track, and couldn’t wait to get into the real world…because I knew so much and was on the right track and all. Sadly, it took all of one month in the real world, with a job that third world sweatshop workers would turn down, for me to realize that I knew nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I respected and valued everything about college and understood that it’s because of my education that I felt confident to face the world. But sadly, many of my classmates did not take advantage of school in the same way. Not only did they not value their education, but they also thought they were too cool for school, which they learned the hard way, was the wrong attitude to have.