Gift Giving Etiquette for a Second Wedding

When someone takes multiple shots at holy matrimony, how does that affect the gift giving situation?

Richie Frieman
5-minute read
Episode #339

Now, for everyone reading this that says they don’t put their friendships on a scale, I don’t buy it.  For example, here’s how you tell someone that your best friend is getting married again: “I'm so happy! Finally Janie is getting a second chance at love and will be remarried in the fall.” In here, the emotion is much more enthusiastic because Janie is a very close friend. However, let’s try it with a coworker that Janie only sees twice a week: “Yeah, so you did you hear Janie is getting married… again? Do we have to give her another shower as well?” These conversations, regardless of their levels of etiquette (which in the latter, is pretty poor) shows a clear difference in the level of friends we all have.  And with that fact, having to shell out a wedding gift again is something that—based on your relationship—has to be taken into consideration. This isn’t about being unexcited for the person (love is the best thing in the world) but it’s about not feeling like you’re an ATM spitting out expensive wedding gifts every year.

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