Green Manners

When good manners mean going green.

Trent Armstrong
4-minute read
Episode #76

Modern Manners Guy here on the flip side of another Earth Day.  "Silly Modern Manners Guy," you say. "We just call it a 'day'. The 'Earth' part is understood since we all live on the Earth and not on Mars." And I thank you for your patience, but I'm really talking about the celebration of our planet known properly as Earth Day-- the day when we all remember that we only have one Earth and shouldn't muck it up. Before you think this is Make-It-Green Girl's podcast, I must inform you that there is a deep need for manners when it comes to taking care of our planet since, ultimately, it means that we are taking care of each other. And who better to talk about taking care of others than moi?

You Dropped This

A few years ago I was massed together with a crowd walking to a football stadium when I noticed a young man fake a candy wrapper toward his pocket and slyly drop it on the ground. Well, I scooped it up and handed it back to him faking that I thought he must have "accidentally" dropped it. He sheepishly said, "Thank you," and actually stuck the wrapper in his pocket.

I could have just put the paper in the trash myself, but he wouldn't know that someone is always watching-- not in a Big Brother kind of way, but in an I'm-going-to-think-first-before-I-go-and-embarrass-myself-again-like-that way. I also could have just left the trash there on the ground, but that would not be very responsible.

Okay, so I've embarrassed this guy and have only talked about littering thus far. So let's take a look at why it's bad manners to litter.