Gym Etiquette

Working out your best behavior while at the gym.

Trent Armstrong
5-minute read
Episode #84

I was thinking that recent years have seen an increase in folks rushing out to the gym to get fit-- at least in the first few months after our New Year’s resolutions. We witnessed the rise of a form of running called jogging, something called Pilates, and any number of other new-fangled workout programs. We've also seen an increase in the number of folks wearing more and more awkward clothing at the gym.

Appropriate Workout Attire

These days you can exercise in private gyms, office gyms, public gyms and even just the great outdoors. There are a few things that we need to keep in mind when heading out to any of these places to burn off the calories and build up those biceps.

The first issue we need to look at, or rather NOT look at, is some of the outfits that folks are wearing to the gym. There is a certain safety issue with wearing something too baggy, but that's not what I'm thinking about. I'm more concerned about things that are inappropriate and distracting for other gym patrons.

Frankly, there are some workout clothes that absolutely should not be worn by anyone. Anything see-through (especially when sweaty) or too revealing should be covered by at least one more article of clothing. There are folks that go to the gym to see and be seen, but that's not what a gym is for. A gym is a place to get fit, and it has lots of heavy or complicated equipment. The last thing anyone needs is to be distracted by your attire while trying to navigate the machinery.

I understand being proud of yourself if you have spent many hours in the gym getting in shape. You should not, however, keep anyone else from getting into shape by getting their fingers chopped off because they were checking your clothes instead of watching their weights.

Etiquette for the Gym Machines

The next thing we need to look at are the rules around using the gym machines. Most gyms have a policy for how long you can use each treadmill, bike, or other piece of equipment at a time—especially during the busiest hours.