How to Be a Polite Sports Fan

Have fun, but don't lose your temper. Modern Manners Guy on the polite, and clever, way to psych out the opposing team without yelling expletives. 

Richie Frieman
1-minute read

How to Be a Polite Sports Fan

There is nothing wrong with hoping your linebacker dismantles the quarterback—it’s all a part of the game—but yelling vulgarities or cursing? Come on folks, where’s the team spirit here?

Showing your support for your team does not have to be so distasteful. After all, you aren’t the only one there; it's likely that there are small, impressionable children around. Cursing in public is not just highly rude to others, but it also totally lacks any creativity. Yelling expletives at the coach, like “F*#$ yourself!” is just plain lame. Where’s the ingenuity? Where’s the cleverness?

If you’re going to tease, I suggest a more specific insult. Like when my fellow college basketball fans yell out, “NIT, NIT, NIT!” implying that the other team is so bad, they will be heading to the loser’s bracket that is known as the National Invitation Tournament (NIT), rather than the NCAA March Madness games. It may not mean a lot to non-sports fans, but trust me, the diehards know it well. It will mess the other team up and hopefully knock them off their game. And that's all part of sportsmanship.