How NOT to Break Up with Someone

Learn the absolute don’ts when it comes to ending a relationship.

Richie Frieman
5-minute read
Episode #135

How NOT to Break Up with Someone #2: Email

Again, like #1, breaking up via email is beyond tacky and cowardly. You can write pages of reasons why you are ending the relationship but it won’t help--you are still a wimp. The only plus to the email break-up is that it’s a step above the text break-up, which is like saying a kick in the head is a step up from a kick in the crotch.

It’s a proven fact that people are more open and honest through email then in person, but that doesn’t make ending things through email any better. My friend Erica told me she prefers to do it this way because it “hurts her less.” Hurts her less? What about the poor sap whose heart you just destroyed? The dumpee always gets hurt more--no matter how guilty the dumper may feel.

If you’re the e-mail dumpee, don’t reply right away. First of all you are pissed--which you should be--and second, it will drive them crazy waiting to hear what you have to say.

How NOT to Break Up with Someone #3: Just Stop Calling

This one is the pound for pound world champion of rude relationship behavior. I mean, is this really an option? How old are we? Yet, my friend Jim still says he keeps this one in his back pocket when he’s too chicken to end it in person. He followed it up by saying--quite proudly--“It works! I have never heard from them again either, so it’s all cool.” Shocking!

You should never end a relationship by just not calling. It’s a colossal step back in evolving as an adult. Instead of falling off the planet, try instead to--drum roll- just be honest! Oh yes, honesty, that little part of life that makes us mature and caring. By being honest you’ll save yourself tons of trouble. Chances are you’ll run into them again and the last thing you need is for them to remember you as the one who never called, emailed or--and I can’t believe I’m saying this--texted back.