How NOT to Break Up with Someone

Learn the absolute don’ts when it comes to ending a relationship.

Richie Frieman
5-minute read
Episode #135

How to Properly Break Up with Someone

So what might you say in order to properly break up with someone? As I said before, go honest. It may be hard to do but it’s the right thing. After all, lying is by far the rudest thing you can do to anyone. So instead, tell them how you just don’t feel the way you did before. Tell them it’s best to end things now before it goes on and they end up hating you. Never say, “We can still be friends.” If you are meant to be friends, it will be that way-- and it’s the dumpee’s job to indicate it.

Another great way to break up is to blame it on where you stand in your life when it comes to relationships. Tell them that you are not ready for a full on commitment right now. You thought you were when you started the relationship, but realized you need to figure things out for yourself. Whether it lasted a week, month or even a year, let them know you tried but just weren’t ready.  They won’t like that answer and may feel like you were leading them on, but it certainly beats simply disappearing.

Being honest is not always the easiest at the time but it will always save you in the end. I guarantee you, if you cared for them at all, they will appreciate it. Just note, they may throw a drink in your face. But, at least you have a clear conscious… Now go change your shirt.

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