How to Present a Gift Properly

Modern Manners Guy explains how presentation can make or break your gift.

Richie Frieman
2-minute read

Regardless of the occasion—and even regardless of the price of the gift—the way you present it says a lot about how you truly feel about the person.  Now, I'm not King Crafter or anything, and heaven knows I can't tie a ribbon to save my life, but that doesn't mean I get a free pass to be lazy with my gift presentation. There are so many easy ways to present a gift to someone that will give them a big smile and get you a check mark in the good manners column.

For starters, every gift should come with a card. Big or little, funny or sweet, expensive or cheap, no matter which card you go for, the fact that you did will say a lot to the person who receives it. But what if your present is just a gift card which comes with a "gift envelope" attached to it? Just handing someone a gift card basically says, "I was at the gas station and saw this at the counter." Placing it in an envelope with a note from you makes that gift card 100 times more impressive and personal. Easy bonus points, my friends.

I've seen people give elaborate gifts—like jewelry—in their original packaging (like a nice watch in its watch case). Really? I don't think so. That’s like preparing a big fancy dinner and serving it on take-out napkins. Not very classy. Always, always wrap that gift or put it in a suitable gift bag with some tissue paper. (As a side note, tissue paper is inexpensive but makes any gift look great. Kind of like adding a garnish on the side of a main dish.)

In the end, when you think about it, why would you go to all the trouble of picking out a gift and spending the money on it, only to present it with less than proper display?


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