How to Respond to Rude Comments

Modern Manners Guy has the classy way to handle rudeness

Richie Frieman
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How to Respond to Rude Comments

by Richie Frieman

Q: Recently, an acquaintance made an offhand negative comment about the way I dress. I just laughed it off, but what is the best way to respond to awkward situations like this?

A: First, take the comment in context and give the offending party the benefit of the doubt. Make sure you are not having a bad day already and are just reading too much into the comment. And consider the source. If this person is known for being harmless yet socially awkward, you might just chalk it up to ignorance.

Second, do not explode. If this is not a one-off and if the offending person is prone to making verbal faux pas, your resentment may have been building up for some time and this snide remark was the last straw. But becoming a whirling dervish or storming off in a huff won't solve the problem -- in fact, it will probably make it worse. Instead, take time away from the situation to cool down. You can work out a much better strategy for revenge if your head is clear and calm.

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