How to Deal with Rude Gamblers

Gambling can be stressful, but if you can't play nicely, then it's best to pack up your chips and go somewhere else.

Richie Frieman
4-minute read

Unmannerly GamblersLast weekend, I ventured to sunny Las Vegas with three friends hoping to win millions. Sadly, I had to settle for some amazing food, a great show, and taking home a whopping total of 25 cents from a slot machine. (Hey, maybe next time, right?) While wishing for a windfall of great fortune at the blackjack table one evening, though, I realized a very disturbing thing about some of my fellow gamblers—they’re rude! Okay, not all gamblers drop their manners at the casino lobby, but there are enough of them acting like toddlers during a temper tantrum to suggest that it might be a widespread occurrence.

Exhibit A: “Shawn,” a 28-year-old Cleveland native sitting at the same table as my friends and me, who was completely wasted and getting drunker with every hand. Ironically, he wasn’t losing much, which was frustrating since I was. Here I was betting only 10 dollars a hand and meanwhile, this totally intoxicated guy was playing recklessly and winning hundreds of dollars. I guess Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo were giving him some great advice. But regardless if you are winning or losing, there's no excuse to go buck wild and crazy at the tables.

For example, when Shawn lost a hand, he’d SLAM his palms on the table and curse loudly. Now, I understand losing serious money is cause for discomfort, but this behavior was not only completely childish but also extremely rude. For the rest of us witnesses, it was scary too. I mean, he was gambling and drinking alone, and I honestly didn’t know whether I would be next on his “hit list.”

Secondly, his language was atrocious.  Every hand—good and bad—was followed by the F word.  If Shawn lost, he’d yell at his cards (yes, the inanimate objects), “Go F--- YOURSELF!”  Then, if he won, he’d shout, with his fist pumping, “F--- YEAH! F--- YEAH!” One time, after a rather large win, he stood up from the table, jumped in the air, and while doing so lost his balance. He ended up landing face first on the carpet. Fortunately, he was fine, but that might have been the booze covering up the pain.