How to Handle Yourself Politely in a Conflict

Get tips on how to argue with class.

Trent Armstrong
4-minute read
Episode #96

If you are the one who is offended that the wrong person is being recognized, hold your tongue in the moment. Many times, things like these can be solved by you, the offended party, taking a breather or even sleeping on it. Decide if it's crucial for you to say something. If not, just let it go. If you feel there should be a recount or you just need to be heard, go through the appropriate channels. Don't use gossip to make your point. Keep your mouth closed so you don't stick your foot in it.  Then write a letter or schedule a meeting. And try to take the high road.

Defending someone's honor is always admirable. But doing so in the wrong way can backfire big time. Just ask a certain rap star whose name rhymes with shmanye. Your reaction to conflict is like pulling back the drapes on your manners and exposing them for what they really are. Do they run deep in your veins or are your manners simply a show to be cast off when you feel like the gloves need to come off?

If you happen to be the one slighted in this scenario, take the lead of a certain teenage country music star and be swift to patience. Graciously accept the praise you are due and ignore the distractions. Your poise in this conflict will speak volumes of your character.


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