Job Interview Etiquette (Part 3): How to Follow Up

When you walk out of a job interview, you need to be remembered. Learn the 3 easy tips to follow up and leave a lasting impression.

Richie Frieman
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Episode #165

How to Make a Good Impression After a Job Interview

I’d like to wrap up my series on proper job interview etiquette by dealing with this question: “What happens after you leave?”

Do you get home, crash on the couch, and stare at your phone waiting for a call? Is that the proper thing to do? No way!

The Proper Way to Follow Up After a Job Interview

Just waiting around shows no intensity, no vibrancy, no passion for the job. You have to treat a job interview like a date – if you really liked the person, sometimes you have to make the first move.  It all comes down to who wants it more – you or the other 10 people who also interviewed. So with that, here are my 3 easy tips on how to properly handle following up after a job interview:

Tip #1 – The Thank You Note

My first year out of college, I worked for the worst person I’ve ever met. Think of the worst boss you’ve ever had. Now multiply him or her by a thousand and you’ll start to get a glimpse of the guy I worked for.  However, in all the headaches that came from working for him, I learned a lot…about what not to do.  For one, he never followed up with clients. He was too egotistical to make the first move. However, one time after a meeting, the person we met sent us a hand-written thank you note that arrived the next day! That was impressive.

A personal touch is always memorable. The employer is probably expecting a thank you email (boring), but a hand-written note is way more impressive. If they have never received one before, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of that and rise above the crowd.  Office etiquette has changed as the economy has changed. With fewer jobs out there, it’s important to stand out.  Employers want that thing that makes them remember you, and a handwritten thank you note does it. 

Here’s what you do: Pack a thank you note, envelope, and stamp with you. After the meeting, write the note before you do anything else. As soon as the elevator hits the first floor, before you exit, jot down your note, expressing your thanks for taking the time today. Then mail it right away. It’s most likely to arrive the next day if not within 2 days. And if you really want to spice up the etiquette meter, do it on personalized stationary. When your future boss opens this up, they will be shocked at how well you’ve handled not only office, but social etiquette as well, with clever charm.


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