Madonna Loathes Hydrangeas! Florists Of The World Unite

Richie Frieman
1-minute read

Wow, talk about a public faux pas of mass proportions! Apparently the Material Girl is not a big fan of hydrangeas. Check out the video (now viral) here.

At a recent press event, a fan approached Madonna with a gift of a simple hydrangea flower. Forgetting that her microphone was on, she said to her neighbor:

"I absolutely loathe hydrangeas ... He obviously doesn't know that."

She even added a sarcastic eye roll for a more dramatic effect.

Madonna not only dissed a fan, she was highly ungrateful for the gift, showing a great lack of manners and respect. Step 1 in receiving a gift -- be thankful. Regardless of the cost, size, or value, it's a gift. Enjoy the fact that someone is thinking about you in the first place.

Note to fans: Next time you want to show Madge your dedication, stick to gold watches or diamond rings.

Hydrangeas image courtesy of Shutterstock