Modern Manners Guy's Favorite Reader Stories: Part 1

Modern Manners Guy Richie Frieman shares his all-time favorite reader stories in a two-part series.

Richie Frieman
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Episode #412

Folks, unless the band on the train is fronted by James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, or Tony Bennet, having to tolerate someone’s practice for America’s Got Talent could be the worst thing of all time. But as I said, Tony doesn’t control the train, so having to speak up can be rather tricky. I love this story because he got creative, rather than aggressive (which usually happens when you’re frustrated) and he befriended them. Yup, if you can’t beat them, join them… in a way. He turned to them and said, “Wow, you guys are good. Where are you headed to? Where can I find your music?” and so forth.  Then, he waited another ten minutes of torture, and moseyed back over to the band and kindly said, “Hey, fellas great stuff, but would you mind taking a break so I can knock out this work? Boss has me dying over here.” Well, wouldn’t you know it but they understood and stopped and throughout the train a general sigh of relief was expressed, thanks to Tony’s efforts. All it took was the proper approach and game plan.

Tip #3: Monsters-In-Law Are Fun … Not Really

Along with bad relationship stories, when it comes to issues of the heart not going the right way, it’s usually caused by in-laws. I know—shocker, right? I mean you can pick your partner but you can’t pick his or her parents, you can only hope they’re tolerable of your space, life, and relationship. Sadly, this is a pipedream for many couples. No matter how nice the partner, there will always be at least one parent, on one side that is a little off. Sandy’s husband Aaron was an only child and so his mom pretty much babied him his entire life. Sandy worked on Aaron’s hermit-like ways, thanks to his lovely mom, and was able to bring him out of his shell to the productive man he is today. But whenever they come together for family gatherings, Aaron’s mom can’t stop herself by interjecting her “beliefs” into what Sandy was doing wrong. No, not religious or political beliefs… but work related. The issue? That Sandy makes a better living than Aaron, and feels like she’s neglecting him as a result.

How do you like that one, Mannerly Nation? A parent upset over the person their child married making a good living? Have you ever heard such a thing? The issue here isn’t so much that Aaron’s mom disagrees with Sandy’s work life (she’s a partner in a law firm) but that his mom constantly tries to chip away at Sandy’s accomplishments to act as if she’s not being a responsible partner, as they plan for a child. You know, because it’s 1955 and women can’t work and have kids at the same time. Yeesh! Folks, here we have a case of pure insanity. That’s the only way I can make sense of it. Despite Aaron being super-proud of Sandy, the big issue is if your partner is being berated by your parents it’s your job to stand up for them. Don’t sit idle like a scared puppy who just got caught eating a hole through your owner’s shoe.  A proper partner always defends their better half when they’re being attacked and in turn will also lay down the truth if the partner is the being irrational. With this story, I found it so odd that one parent would insist on making their daughter-in-law’s life hell because she was successful. She spent years getting to where she is and should be applauded … and Aaron needs to man up.

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