Money Manners 2: Lunch

Best practices for borrowing, lending, and paying up front.

Trent Armstrong
3-minute read
Episode #58

One episode just wasn't enough.  Here we are again for another round of financial manners in the workplace. 

Lunch Time 

You will probably be able to figure out where this is headed. So I'm not going to mince words. It is lunch time and you are starving, but you are just too busy to run out and grab some lunch. So, what do you do? You see if someone can pick up something for you while they are out.

When making this request it's important to remember they are doing you a favor, and you need to follow a few simple rules to keep this good thing going. First, make sure to pay them up front and never short change them. If you are unsure how much your food may cost, always overestimate. Your co-worker can always return with change, but should never be expected to cover your shortfall. If the person insists on you paying when they get back, then you should just not worry about it. Secondly, do not be afraid to tell them to "keep the change." After all, they spent their own time and gas money to serve you.

Ordering In

When a group is ordering food in and pooling money together, make an effort to avoid being the one everybody murmurs about later. "Psst, did you see that so-and-so didn't pay enough for their food?" You do NOT want to be nicknamed "so-and-so." Put the right amount of money into the pot and always remember to include your portion of tax and tip. And if it is a pizza situation, remember everyone who pays equal money gets the same amount of pizza as everyone else unless there is some left over.