Politely Offering Assistance

Trent Armstrong

When asked why he waited and then requested assistance from the President, the traveler replied that everyone else had "no" written on on their faces. Jefferson was the only one with a "yes face." I'm not encouraging being a person who says yes so often you run out of time for yourself or family and friends. Being available whenever possible would be the thought to stick with there.

Persons with Disabilities

One final point about this topic. I have a friend named Matthew who uses a wheelchair. I've learned from Matthew that many who use wheelchairs or are physically disabled are simply interested in being able to do things for themselves. And because there is validity in offering to everyone, offering help to persons with disabilities should also be in order. The point is to not take offense when, in this situation or any other, your offer to help is turned down. Some folks just like to do things for themselves.

My challenge to you is to offer assistance to someone today -- or tomorrow, and everyday - have a "yes face."

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