Pregnancy Etiquette

Advice for pregnant ladies and the rest of us.

Trent Armstrong,
August 17, 2009

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Always offer your seat to a pregnant woman. Always open the door for a pregnant woman. If you notice someone who is pregnant drop something or get into a situation where she might have to overexert herself, offer to pitch in. However, do not force yourself into the situation. If your help is refused, don't be offended. Graciously bow out of the situation and carry on with your day. And finally, I've had a pregnant listener ask me to mention that all of you kind and generous women might offer cuts in the restroom to pregnant ladies. You can do what you want with that suggestion.

Manners of Offering Advice to Pregnant Women

And that brings me to advice. If you are asked for your advice, give it with fervor. However, we should make sure we give advice only when it is needed-- and that goes for most situations, not just pregnancy.

Pregnant women, especially first-timers, might be interested in all the advice they can get, but after a time all of this advice can become tiresome. It's possible to incite riotous behavior from someone who has gotten too much advice. So in the interest of personal safety, it might be a good idea to ask before offering said advice. Again, if your offer is rejected, do not take it personally. That might have been the straw about to break the camel's back and your politeness in the situation could be the ray of hope in an otherwise overwhelming day.


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