Proper Car Borrowing Etiquette

Your car is in the shop (or you don’t have one), but luckily a kind friend has let you borrow theirs. Modern Manners Guy has 3 tips to make sure you handle borrowing a car properly. 

Richie Frieman
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Episode #199

Tip #3 – Fill It Up!

With the price of a gallon of gas these days costing more than a meal at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse, there is nothing more monumental in Car Borrowing Etiquette than not filling up the tank.  It’s simple, too. You drive the car for 200 miles, you fill it up. You drive the car for 10 miles, you fill that part up too. I’m not trying to be cheap, I’m just stressing the importance of respecting someone’s property. Okay, so driving 10 miles isn’t really going to affect the gas tank, but you get my point.

A million and one things can happen when you borrow someone’s car and trust me, they are thinking about it when they hand over the keys. So remember: don’t spill, don’t leave trash all over the place, don’t crash it, and fill up the tank. 

Do you have a great story about letting someone borrow your car? 

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