The why and how of RSVPs.

Trent Armstrong
5-minute read
Episode #72

Dealing with Delinquents

From time to time, you might host your own party. Now you know that not everyone realizes the need for prompt responses. If your deadline for RSVPs is looming and you still haven’t heard from people, you might need to take matters into your own hands and call those who have not yet responded. Simply mention that you’ll need to have a final count soon and ask if your friend will be able to make it. Invitations can be lost in the mail or spam folder so be sure to be gracious. However, you don’t want your grace in that situation to be misconstrued. It’s important for your guest to understand that you are glad he is coming, but that promptly responding is important. Do not cast blame. Be matter-of-fact and conclude with something like, “I really hope you can make it.”

Should someone request to bring a guest, weigh the type of party with your current guest list before you make your decision, but know you are well within your rights to refuse . Kindly saying something like,”I’m trying to keep this party to close friends and family.” Or “I’m really sorry, but the wedding service is so intimate that we are not allowing babies.” You will need to be consistent, though. Don’t allow someone to bring a guest if you’re refusing the opportunity for someone else.

Finally, someone just might decide to crash your party without so much as a hint that they were coming. Know that this can and will happen. Having a plan will keep you cool under the pressure. Plan for a little extra food, and when your unexpected guest arrives, you’ll be covered. Accept this person graciously but with a cheerful, “Oh! I didn’t think you were coming! You really must warn me next time so I can be better prepared.” Put on your best smile and make a mental note that you might need to contact this person directly next time.

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