Super Bowl Party Hosting

3 easy tips for hosting an awesome Super Bowl Party.

Richie Frieman
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Episode #233

Tip #2: Separate Party Areas

There are two types of people who watch the Super Bowl: diehard fans…and everyone else. That's it. There are those who don't even know which channel the game is on and then there are those who have been up since 6am watching around-the-clock coverage leading up to the big game.

So when you are hosting a Super Bowl party, you’ll find that some people will be more focused on the game than what is happening around them. At one party I went to, the owner's dog went to the bathroom right on the living room floor (the dog found his way into the salsa dish when no one was looking. Nasty!). And despite this accident, the dog's owner couldn’t have cared less…until the play was over. He was so focused on the game, I'm pretty sure that if the dog peed on him, he wouldn't have cared either.

This illustrates the difference between the types of people you’ll have at a Super Bowl party. Some want to just party, and some view the party as a side event to the actual game. And for this reason, I recommend making sure there are different areas of the house for the different types of guests.

Whether you live in a cramped apartment or a sprawling mansion, there are always ways to separate a party room. For example, in my hole-in-the-wall college apartment that hardly fit two couches, people would naturally congregate in different areas. Yes we had to be more creative and open our bedrooms as alternative places to hang out, but not everyone wants to be around the noise and ruckus. It's similar to any other party you have at your house when people split up in different rooms and a variety of conversations.

Clearly the area where the TV is will be the loudest and most game-focused spot, which is why you must allow access to other areas of your house for people who want a more relaxed environment. Usually this is the kitchen, but I'll let you make that call (yes, a little football humor). I recommend offering that alternative area to guests when they come in, so that the folks who aren’t as interested in the game (but of course want to see the commercials) can chill out and socialize at normal decibels.

Tip #3: Kids v. Adults

The Super Bowl is a family affair. It brings together kids of all ages. And I for one can't wait to introduce my 7-month-old son to the game. My 4-year-old daughter already loves football so I’ve done my job there.

The Super Bowl is the single biggest day of the year for hardcore football fans and, aside from a tragic event, nothing will take away their focus from the game…not even kids running around and yelling at the top of their lungs. However, sometimes kids can get a bit carried away and this can be very distracting to others who want to watch the game. So when you are expecting kids at your Super Bowl party, you must come up with kid-friendly, age-appropriate activities for them to partake in.

Now, I'm not saying that you have to run out and rent a giant bouncy castle. However, let's face it, kids get bored pretty darn easily and having something for them to do will save you a night of, "Mommy, when can we leave?…Daddy, I'm bored!…"

As I said in Tip #1, it’s essential to look at your guest list and consider what everyone enjoys doing. With kids, that usually means food and activities. Sure, that 10-foot sub will be a crowd-pleaser for the adults, but the kids may not be able to wrap their hands around that huge sandwich, so you might want to have some bite-sized chicken nuggets or bags of pretzels for the little ones. (I know Nutrition Diva wouldn’t approve of these food choices, but maybe she can let it slide just this once?)

Also, make sure the kids have something to do other than watch a football game for 4 hours. Here’s what I recommend: When sending out your invitation, along with asking people to bring a contribution to the potluck, ask if everyone can bring a game or some activity for the kids. Crayons, Legos, play dough, coloring books, trucks, etc. can provide hours of entertainment. Any fun ideas that will keep the kids occupied mean more time for the adults to enjoy the main event. And that way, everybody wins!

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