The Worst Dating Stories of 2015

Ready for a good laugh and your blood to boil? Read about the top three rudest daters of 2015, according to Modern Manners Guy.

Richie Frieman,
January 4, 2016
Episode #370

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Ah, yes, another year in the books for Modern Manners Guy, working to solve every rude, improper, and downright strange etiquette conundrum in the world. This year, however, I received a much larger slew of email regarding the world of relationships, mainly how insanely rude some daters can be. From Becca’s “worst boyfriend ever,” to Steve’s disgusting first date, and Cindy’s wild wedding date, I thoroughly enjoyed answering your emails and assisting where I could throughout the year.

So, as 2015 wraps up, I’d like to take this time to look back and reflect on all the oddballs out there that make us shake our heads in disbelief and drown our sorrows a table for one. With that here is the absolute, most unmannerly daters of 2015.

Tip #1: Mr. Money Bags … or Lack Thereof

Earlier this year, I interviewed author Jennifer Wright about her book, It Ended Badly: 13 Of The Worst Break Ups in Historywhich outlined some of the rudest daters to ever walk planet earth. Now, granted it didn’t take that article to spark emails about bad romance. But it did make some of you think twice about Mr. or Mrs. Right. Yes, it seems that sometimes the search for love doesn’t always end in “happy ever after." For Becca, one blind date ended with her $600 in the hole. After being set up on a blind date by her boss (something I don’t recommend and will touch on later), Becca did what any modern dater does — she Facebook stalked him to see what she was getting into. Ironically, there were no red flags; good looking, good job, no bizarre photos, just a normal guy. Sadly, things weren’t so cut and dry as her Facebook research led her to believe. For starters, he showed up 40 minutes late, without calling, which is totally rude. But what made it worse was he walked into the restaurant very casually (i.e., not in a rush, as he should have been) while talking on his phone. Could have used that to call, buddy! Then, after he said he “forgot his wallet,” which isn’t that big of a deal and Becca was fine with paying for dinner, he ordered two steaks (apparently trying to gain weight for body building), four appetizers, and a $300 bottle of wine … for himself! He didn’t even ask Becca what she liked, or if she even drank. Lastly, to top the night off, he hit her up for $20 to pay for a cab ride home. Great guy, right?

When trying to make a first impression, never show up late. And if you do show up late, don’t act as if you don’t realize or don't care. Also, there is nothing wrong with someone saying, “Look I forgot/lost my wallet … would you mind paying?” Stuff happens and you can’t fault someone for that. However, if you lose/forget your wallet it’s improper to go buck wild on someone else’s dime. LET ALONE ON A FIRST DATE! I mean, have some class here, man! Be it a date or just a meal with a friend, if someone is spotting you, do not over-indulge. Instead, suck it up and settle for a lighter fare. It doesn’t matter if you plan to pay back the person or not. Regardless, you should always order down. Here Becca’s date did many things that were improper—from being late to over ordering. But the main hiccup in his romantic game was simply being a self-centered jerk. A first date is not an opportunity to chow down on the food—that is just a small part of the night. The real objective is to get to know the person sitting across from you.

Tip #2: Improper Meal Selection

Modern Manners Guy Facebook friend, Steve, emailed me last month about a rather nauseating dater he met online. After reading her bio on a dating website it seemed that she hit on all his key factors for finding romance … all but one, that is. See, Steve has been a vegetarian since he was 14 and now at the age of 32, he’s learned that dating a meat eater isn’t exactly a deal breaker, just as long as the person respects his diet.  Seems pretty logical, right? Sadly, his date Beth did not seem too willing to compromise on the fact that she LOVES herself a nice meat-filled meal. So, despite Steve stating he was a vegetarian and offering up a dozen restaurants, Beth selfishly pushed to go to a Brazilian steakhouse—a place known of over indulging in all you can eat slices of juicy meat. A kind of place that you leave smelling like the animals you ate. Good for meat eaters, but bad for vegetarians. Seafood, Italian, Chinese, anything other than a restaurant where they walk around with skewers of meat to cut up at your table would have sufficed. Not for Beth. She had only one place in mind, and Steve was eager to go out with her. So he agreed! Steve, Steve, Steve … why do you do this to yourself?


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