What Is Proper Surprise Party Etiquette?

Richie Frieman
4-minute read
Episode #159

So how far should you go to keep the secret of a surprise party? Well, put it this way, when I say, “Keep it a secret” I mean go to the ends of the earth to keep it on the DL. Even if you have to dodge this person for a few days, do it; do whatever you have to NOT to tell them. 

Tip #3: Bring Something

How many times have you asked someone hosting an event, “Can I bring anything?” and then heard him or her say, “No, it’s okay… I got it.” The truth is, they may have everything under control, but when it comes to a surprise party, no one really “has it.” There is so much stress involved in pulling off a surprise party that even seasoned hosts can get frazzled. That’s why the proper thing to do is to bring something anyway. Now, I don’t mean you have to bring enough wine for the entire party but as I said in my past article, “What Is The Proper Hostess Gift?”  arriving with a gift that shows the utmost gratitude for being invited shows that you have mastered the art of party etiquette. 

Giving a gift to the host of the party--or shall I say FOR the host of the party--to use that night is just a nice way to let him or her  know that you appreciated all their hard work. Planning a surprise party is not like planning a dinner party with friends (which is a task) and the stress can really boil over. Like I said in Tip #1, it only takes one tardy person to ruin the night, or one loudmouth to spoil the whole surprise. So, give the proper gift--like a bottle of wine, a dessert,  flowers, or anything that the host of the surprise party can use to make the night that much more special--and you’ll stand out as an excellent guest—with impeccable manners, of course.

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