What Should You Do When Someone Crowds You In Line?

Waiting in line and manners don’t always go hand in hand; make sure you’re acting the right way with these 3 tips.

Richie Frieman
4-minute read
Episode #139

A few weeks ago, I tweeted and posted a Facebook comment about a rather uncomfortable experience I had while waiting in line for coffee. The comments I got were so hilarious that I had to focus on this topic deeper. For those that didn’t get the tweet or see the posting, here’s what I wrote:

I was getting coffee this morning and the person behind me was so close they could count the freckles on my neck. When I turned my head to kindly say something, the brim of my hat almost bumped them. They only THEN apologized. And, we were the only ones in line too.

Here’s my manners quick and dirty tip: don’t crowd someone when you are waiting in line… or as my New York friends say, waiting “on line.”

So, as I was saying, crowding someone in line is beyond rude and, even worse, an invasion of privacy and personal space. The last thing I want is to feel like I’m a part of a freak line at some college nightclub while getting my coffee. So, when improper manners attack, I fight back by creating my top three tips for proper line etiquette.

Line Etiquette Tip #1: Don’t Crowd, EVER

The undisputed, undefeated champion of improper line etiquette is crowding someone. Like the goofball who crowded me at the coffee bar, the invasion of personal space can really test your patience with people. Unless I’m stranded on the top of Mt. Everest, I don’t want someone to have press up against me as if we’re trying to survive.

One thing people tend to forget is that no matter where you are in line, you will not get there faster by smashing up against the person in front of you. If you are behind me in line, after I am done, it’s your turn--simple science here folks. If you are so close to me that it looks like I may have a conjoined twins, then you are WAY too close. And guess what--it won’t help you at all. You’ll still be after me.

So how do you confront this situation?