What to Do If You Get Pulled Over for Speeding

Getting pulled over for a speeding ticket is never fun, but you have to keep calm and carry on when it does happen. Here's Modern Manners Guy's three tips.

Richie Frieman
6-minute read
Episode #392

Here’s an interesting little factoid about your men and women in blue, in case you didn’t realize it before: They are trained to sniff out liars. In fact, it’s Rule #1 in the academy—people will when in trouble. Man, woman, child, if you’re guilty you tend to exaggerate the truth to get of trouble. We’ve all been there but regardless of your reason(s) for speeding, if you try to break out your inner conman to pull a fast one (no pun intended) over a police officer, the chances of them believing you is rather slim. Unlike my friend, I wouldn’t try out your acting skills on traffic cops—they’ve heard and seen it all. They’re not buying it and they can see through your stuttering ramble of lies. They may not tell you upfront that you’re full of crap and can tell but they’re thinking it. Knowing this, it only makes you look worse if you try to lie. Sure, you can work on a solid explanation in hopes they’ll show mercy but don’t try some far fetched excuse that could backfire on you down the road.

Tip #3: Respect, Respect, Respect

As I said, I’m a tremendous fan of our men and women in blue. Granted, whenever I get pulled over, I’m sweating bullets but that’s not out of fear, it’s more out of being in trouble. I mean, who likes to be in trouble? Let alone something that could tarnish your record? This isn’t a movie where you get cool-kid points for being cavalier with the cop or venting your frustration by being a smart ass. They mean business and if they let you slide then it’s just a domino effect of allowing others to get off as well. Plus, let’s be honest, cops don’t enjoy giving speeding tickets. Yes, they believe they have a job to do and respect all the processes that come with it but deep down they’d rather not be doing ticket duty and having to argue with 99.9% of the people who will have an attitude about being pulled over. You don’t have to smile and be over-the-moon thankful for getting a ticket, but you must respect the system.

A mannerly person doesn’t try to test the limits of authority. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re a wimp for “taking it” and not speaking up for yourself.  For example, did I want the ticket I got a couple months ago? HECK NO! Was I pissed? HECK YEAH! But did I honestly think he would let me off? Nope, not a shot.  I knew I would go to court and ask for forgiveness (which I did) so everything else was a formality. A formality that is rooted in a system of protecting the community. Knowing that, I had to respect the cop – not agree with him but respect – his decision and worry about the next step in the process of arguing my case. He didn’t have any ill will against me. I was just one of the many drivers he picked off that day. But he did that because the community complained about speeders on this road. So, as a family man, I have to respect someone who’s looking out for families like mine. After all, he may be helping me out one day.

In the end, police officers are heroes and need our support now more than ever. Go blue!

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