How to Rock Your Professional Life While Loving Your Role as a Parent

Every mom is a working mom, but rocking your career while caring for your family is a real feat! Author and expert Tameika Isaac Devine shares her career mom secrets with Mighty Mommy.


Cheryl Butler
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Episode #589

Working mothers continuously strive to find the perfect balance between a fulfilling career and providing a stable home for their kids.

If anyone knows how to strike a balance between career and parenting, it's Tameika Isaac Devine. She's an elected official, attorney, and a leading expert and speaker on work-life integration for busy working moms.

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Working moms will learn expert tips on how to create a thriving career all while nurturing their families and providing a warm and loving home environment.

Tune in to this interview for Tameika's insightful tips. We talked about:

Tameika offered some tangible tips that can help you realistically achieve the perfect balance between a fulfilling career and providing a loving, stable home for your kids and spouse.

To learn more about Tameika, visit her at adevinelife.com.

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