Coping With Too Much to Do

When there's more than you can possibly do, you have to drop something.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #49

Consider your commitments against your goals

So I need to reconsider these ongoing commitments by matching them against my major life goals.

Goal #1: Getting a manly-man body. I only have one commitment related to this goal: working out. That stays, because my vanity is way too important to neglect.

Goal #2: Running my business. The commitments are a blog, newsletter, and product development. The product’s almost done, so that stays. The blog and newsletter take tons of time, but do they get clients? Not so much. My traffic is relatively low. When I’m published elsewhere, I get clients. Maybe I could write less and reprint existing articles in more places. In the time it takes to write one article, I can adapt existing articles for a dozen other publications.

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Goal #3: Building my media empire. The podcast, blog, book, and Twitter all relate. Maybe I can share content between the podcast and the book. After all, they’re based on each other. Duh! And the blog and Twitter can go on hold until the book’s done. (Unless Brad or Angelina are followng me. Brangelina, if you’re out there, let me know and I’ll reprioritize.)

Drop the commitments that don't measure up

Wow! That was fast. I’ll be suspending one blog and newsletter, putting the other blog and Twitter on hold until the book’s done, and combining my podcast and book writing efforts. That’s a huge reduction of effort in what, four minutes of thought?

Do try this at home! List your commitments—the projects and organizations that use regular time in your life. Group them by major life goal. Then for each goal, look at that goal’s commitment list and drop, combine, or delay commitments. You’ll be amazed how much you can remove from your plate without sacrificing one iota. And even though I’m not totally sure what an iota is, it sounds like it would go great with a nice, big plate of macaroni and cheese.

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Work Less, Do More, and have a Great Life!

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