Easy Business Card Organization

Stever Robbins
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Quick Tip: Easy Business Card Organization

When you’re traveling, it’s easy to end up with stacks of business cards that you don’t know what to do with. Darren, a member of the Facebook Get-it-Done Guy community gave the following awesome suggestion that I now live by.  Sign up for a free Evernote.com account. Evernote is an online service that lets you email pictures and text to your Evernote notebook, and see them on your desktop, laptop, iPhone, or Blackberry. When you get a business card, take a quick picture of it with your cell phone and email it to your Evernote account. Then, Evernote turns the picture into text and makes it searchable! When you get back to your computer and open your Evernote notebook, you’ll have all your business cards neatly scanned in. Just type a person’s name in the search box and voila—Evernote will find the image of the card and bring it right up.

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