How to Impress Others With Your Literary Taste

Get-It-Done Guy has a handy tip for understanding and remembering books. Grammar Girl would be proud! 

Stever Robbins
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How to Impress Others With Your Literary Taste

In each book you read, use a piece of paper folded in half as a bookmark. As you read, jot down important ideas and thoughts on the piece of paper. The mere act of jotting will help you remember and understand the material better.

Once you finished the book, type your idea paper into the memo pad on your computer and synchronize it with your iDevice or Blackberry. Then when someone at a cocktail party says something that reminds you of the book, you can look it up, review the content, and then impress everyone around with your unbelievable brilliance and awesomely geeky habit of typing in book summaries.

I use a Mac program called Notational Velocity to type my notes. It synchronizes to the web and to my iPod Touch using the website SimpleNoteApp.

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