How to Become a Successful Team Member

Just because a group of people is called a "team," doesn't make it one. Here's what you can do to become a strong team member

Stever Robbins
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Episode #197

If mean girls on your team insult you, smile, remember they're doing it out of their own insecurity, and walk away. If mean girls insult someone else—like Jordan—in front of you, walk away. In both cases, you can say, "I'd rather not participate in this kind of conversation. I'm leaving now." And leave. Mean girls hate being ignored, and you can gradually train them to talk nice, or not talk at all. (This is called operant conditioning. You can read about how to do it with dogs, mean girls, and boyfriends in the book Don't Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor.)

Tip #4: Compliment!

When one of your team mates delivers their part of the project and does a good job, compliment them on it! Mean girls are far too self-absorbed to notice when other people fulfill their promises. But most people are motivated not just by a paycheck, but by knowing they're contributing and are appreciated. Let your team mates know! You'll all work together more tightly.

If you want your team, organization, business, or theater group to work well together, neutralize the mean girls and help everyone bond! Give feedback, dissolve cliques, ignore insults, and celebrate achievements. You'll have your team running smoothly in no time at all!

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