How to Get Noticed by Your CEO

Get your CEO's attention by helping further his or her goals.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #18

Talk About Company Culture

CEOs think about more than just products and services. They also mold and shape the company culture. I'm not just talking about holding events like employee picnics or mud-wrestling days. CEOs shape culture through decision-making, who they promote, how–or if–they ask for feedback, and so on. If your CEO makes culture a concern, that's another great place to start a conversation.

Consider Office Politics

Remember politics, though. In startups, CEOs are approachable. Heck, you can short-sheet the CEO's bed and everyone will just laugh and laugh. You'll get fired, but them? They'll laugh and laugh!

Larger companies can be political.  People can think you're sucking up, currying favor, gunning for their job, and trying to get ahead. It may be true, and you still work with these folks. The company's success depends on everyone working together (that's your new viewpoint, remember?), and that means that you need to understand the agendas of your peers, bosses, and subordinates. When people at all levels know you "get" their concerns, not only will they want you to meet the CEO, they just might want you to be the CEO.

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