How to Keep in Touch With Friends

Learn how to create a system for keeping in touch with friends.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #139

Brandon writes in: I recently graduated (woohoo). How should I be keeping in touch with friends as we go out into the world?

Brandon, your friends are your most important asset in working less and doing more! They’re the ones who will support you in taking risks, who will stand by your side, and who will haul you home after you’ve had one too many tequila shots.

I love friends! My school friends were all geeks. We waited overnight to see science fiction movies on opening night. We dressed up like elves for costume conventions. We knew every episode of Star Trek by heart.

How to Stay in Touch

But when I graduated, I know I couldn’t keep in touch with everyone. Just do the math. You meet more people every year. If you get to the point where you're trying to keep up with 100 people, just talking twice per year to each one means making a catch-up phone call every week day!

In practice, you'll keep up with some people often, and others less so. Since it will happen anyway, be deliberate about who you want to stay close with. After high school, Alicia and Neicole were two friends I wanted to stay close to. Even though we’ve gone years without contact, Neicole was passing through town yesterday and we spent the day together. And Alicia—now an airline pilot—has a layover in town this Friday and we'll get together.

Keeping in Touch Requires Contact Information

You won’t be keeping in touch if you don't know how to contact someone! Get a good address book and use it. If your friends are under 30, they'll move a lot. Get their parents' contact information so you can find them again.

You cry, "But they're on Facebook, so I can always find their current information! And they'll never change their cell number." That could be true. But when they become an international pop star and start being stalked by fans who want to devour their soul, they'll take down their Facebook page and destroy their cell phone. But their parents will always know where they’re hiding and can give you current contact information.


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