How to Leave a Job

Learn how to leave a job and make the transition easy.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #87

Prepare Your Relationships

If you're in a job that touches many others, make sure your transition document lists important people and how to reach them. But even more importantly, you can reach out to those important people and let them know who to contact once you're gone. You can also continue the relationships you want to keep. Send a gracious letter or email to your co-workers, outside contacts, and so on. Maybe write something like this: "Due to budget constraints, I will be leaving... I have enjoyed working with you and value our relationship. If you need to reach this office in the future, please ask for CHRIS SMITH at ext 10. I would enjoy staying in touch, as well. My new contact information is ...etc." You're continuing the relationship and subtly letting them know you're on the market, in case they want to offer help.

Losing a job can be rough, financially and emotionally. Wrapping everything up neatly not only helps the person who comes next, but it gives you a chance to appreciate everything you've done and the people whose lives you've touched. It's also a nice review of your accomplishments in case you need to polish up your resume.

In this episode's transcript, I've included links to my episode on self-promotion, Babson College's entrepreneurship tower where kids half my age build businesses ten times as big as mine, the Sir Isaac Newton room, and a sample transition document you can use as a checklist.

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Episode on self-promotion

- http://www.etower.org - Babson's "E-Tower" where entrepreneurial students start businesses that make sure I stay humble

Sir Isaac Newton's fore-parlour

- http://www.freecycle.org – giving stuff away

- http://www.steverrobbins.com/getitdoneguy/87-preparing-a-transition-document.htm - A sample transition document

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