How to Motivate People Who Aren’t Delivering

Get-It-Done Guy’s tips on keeping things moving forward when business partners are flaky.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #248

Surface the Issue

If all else fails, have a heart-to-heart discussion. “I’ve tried everything and you just aren’t delivering. This isn’t working for me. What do you suggest?”

Hopefully, the person will have some new ideas. If not, ask them, “What should I do if things don’t get better?” At this point, you can be pretty sure they’ll say “I don’t know” or they’ll repeat their hollow, vague assertion, “I’ll get better in the future, I promise.” Yeah, right.

Drop People and Projects That Stall

Their opinion, objections, rationalizations, and promises don’t matter anymore. They’re unreliable, they’ve proven it, they haven’t fixed it, and there’s nothing you–or they–can do about it. In this case, terminate the business arrangement.

If it’s failing with them involved, it can fail without them involved, too.

“But what about the project???” you cry. The project isn’t getting done with them involved, now it can not-get-done without them involved. Business partnerships are about getting more done than you could do alone. If a partnership is holding you back, let it go and move on to more fruitful endeavors.

Hopefully it won’t come to this. Hopefully, you’ll be able to motivate people who are dragging their feet by following up regularly, using multiple media, meeting regularly, shifting the risk, and having a frank conversation. These are the best ways I know to motivate people to deliver results.

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