How to Plan a Successful Group Trip

Get tips on how to plan your vacation so you have fun and don’t kill each other.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #161

It’s holiday time! In today’s fast-paced, hectic life, people move, and our families get separated. Holidays are that special time of year when we all meet together someplace special, like Wally World. We spend days together and remember all those reasons we moved out in the first place. We leave happy to have spent time with family, and happy that we’ll soon be 3,000 miles away. How did the same genes that produced us in all our glory also produce the rest of these people? If you plan to vacation with your family any time soon, learn from my recent travel experience..

How to Plan a Successful Group Trip

Melvin, Bernice, Europa, and I went to Wally World. Europa brought 8-year-old Thomas, her genetically engineered child with an IQ of 410 and the cutest little hobby of toppling governments that won't comply with Europa's wishes. Otherwise, he's a typical 8-year old. He likes to skateboard.

Melvin's a planner. He spent each morning calculating the perfect order in which to see the rides, while the rest of us—the "doers"—kept wishing he'd hurry. He spent so much time planning to have fun that he never actually had it.

Sort Out Your Planners and Doers

If you travel with planners, have them do their planning before you take the trip and after you're done for the day. In fact, if they really like planning so much, leave them at home with the map and have them call you once a day to tell you how you should be having fun. They'll have just as good a time, and the money you save can buy an extra Wally World hot dog, with sauerkraut!

Doers have their own special quirks. They have so much fun just being there that they can never make a decision. If your group is all doers, appoint a decider. Europa appointed herself. Can't decide between the Haunted Tea House and Adventure Island? One crack of Europa's whip and we were running for the Tea House. I still can't quite sit down. If you have several strong personalities, you can even take turns being the decider.


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