How to Quickly Prepare for a Presentation

How to give powerful presentations.

Stever Robbins
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Also decide what they’ll walk away with. What will they be able to do, think, or feel as a result of your presentation? Choose one to three takeaways. If you give too much, people will get overwhelmed and use nothing. If you give too little, they’ll remember nothing but your sequined bell bottoms.

Identify Your Goal for the Presentation

You have to meet your needs, too. Prepare for that in advance! Otherwise, you’ll end up with a happy audience, and an unhappy presenter. A friend of mine gave a speech to the 500 highest-grossing real estate professionals in the country and got a standing ovation. Yay! But she forgot to bring her business cards, and she didn’t put her contact info on the handouts. Boo! She provided for her audience and forgot to provide for herself.

How to Make Your Presentation Relevant

Imagine you’re presenting to high school students. How would you make sure that this presentation is a success?

What do high school students like? Stories are good. Let’s say you are presenting to a group of young entrepreneurs. What do we want our entrepreneurs to take away? Perhaps these three points:

  1. Control of your cash.

  2. Produce products your market wants.

  3. Make it fun to buy your product and people will keep coming back.

Armed with this knowledge of what you want the audience to take away, you’re much more likely to be able to put together a presentation that is relevant for your audience. But is it relevant for you? That’s an important point. Let’s go ahead and ask the other set of questions.

How to Choose the Best Examples for a Presentation

What do you want out of this presentation?


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