(Newsletter Exclusive) Give the Gift of Experience

This holiday season, don't just think "things." Think "experiences."

Stever Robbins
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(Newsletter Exclusive) Give the Gift of Experience

by Stever Robbins

When you’re deciding what to get your loved ones, liked ones, and obligated ones for the holidays, don’t think “things.” Think “experiences.” As I relate in my episode about choosing holiday gifts, the most effective gifts are experiences, rather than things. After all, if you’re going to go to the trouble of giving a gift, you may as well give one that makes the recipient so happy they become your eternal emotional slave. That’s what friendship is all about, isn’t it?

To identify likely experiences, next time you’re talking with that person, casually bring up the topic of wonderful holidays you’ve had. Instead of listening for where they went, listen for the activities they engaged in during that holiday. That will get you some clues as to some of the activities they like.

Their regular commitments are also a key. Do they play Bridge every Wednesday night? Maybe you could get them a ticket to a bridge tournament, or a lesson with a pro bridge teacher, or something similar.

Hopes and dreams are also clues. If they wistfully say they wished they’d learned to ride a horse, get them a horseback riding afternoon. Or an afternoon ski pass (a ski lift is just like a horse, only mechanical, colder, and 25 feet off the ground).

If they’re a parent and they long for peace and quiet, a pass to a day spa may be just the thing.

By listening to their hopes, complaints, dreams, and vacations, you can get all the information you need to get them an awesome experience for the holidays. And the best part is that experiences can usually be paid for with a gift certificate, and don’t require nearly as much wrapping.

Viva la experience!

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