What Matters when Starting a Job

First impressions matter! Here are some things to watch out for when negotiating or starting a job.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #108

First Impressions Matter

Now that you’ve got the right title and starting salary, it’s time for your first day. When starting a new job first impressions are of the utmost importance. Imagine you’ve just met Kirby, a svelte, tall, sophisticated, upset, stubborn, annoyed person. What does Kirby look like? What’s your impression, just from that description?

Now clear your mind. Think of artichokes or ladybugs or something.

Next, imagine Stacy. Stacy is annoyed, stubborn, upset, sophisticated, svelte, and tall. What’s your impression of Stacy, just from that description?

Your impressions of Stacy and Kirby are probably different, even though the descriptions were identical. We build impressions by starting with the very first thing we hear and filling in the details. If the first word is “annoyed,” that conjures a very different image than “svelte.” By the way, were Kirby and Stacy even the same gender? 

Treat People Well From Day One

From day one, treat people with courtesy and respect. You never know where the power in the office resides, and you never know who’s an enchanted demon, waiting to devour your soul. So it’s only sensible to assume the worst and treat everyone the best. When a new bank Vice President waltzed in his first day with an attitude of superiority, it didn’t take long for the rest of the office to start detesting him. Within weeks, he became less and less able to get things done, because people would subtly block him at every opportunity. Don’t be him.

What you do at the start of a job lays the foundation for everything that will come next. Make sure you get the right title, role, and salary. Come in with an attitude of “How can I help?” rather than “Here’s what you can do for me,” and you’ll quickly build a base that lets you be successful far into the future.

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