Blind Date Etiquette

Blind dates tend to be awkward and nerve-wracking. Take the pressure off with Modern Manners Guy's 3 easy tips.

Richie Frieman
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Hands down, one of the top relationship questions I’m asked is how to handle blind dates. As I read email after email from panicked daters, I can feel their anxiety about meeting a stranger in such a charged, awkward situation..

It’s only natural to be nervous. After all, this meeting is a big deal and you should be prepared to bring nothing less than your A-Game.  So make sure you wear plenty of deodorant because you will surely be sweating the small stuff.

Check out my top 3 quick and dirty tips for a successful blind date:

Tip #1: Your “Interview You”

A common misconception is that the “just be me” philosophy works in all situations.

Not true.

Yes, it’s wrong to project a false idea of who you are, but a blind date is not the time to let all the skeletons out. The goal is to present the best version of yourself.

A Modern Manners Guy Facebook friend, Jeremy, recently met Melissa for the first time after his brother set them up.  Jeremy is a catch. He's good-looking, smart, has a great job, owns his own house, has a clean record, and even fought for our country. But all that does not mean that Jeremy should simply to float through the date.  Even though his brother spoke highly of him to Melissa (and about Melissa to him), there will always be a level of skepticism from both parties at a blind date.  This is only natural. That's why we have to monitor our actions closely to make a great first impression.

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This is the time to bring out what I call the Interview You. Not a false you, just your best you. The Interview You changes your whole demeanor; you sit up straighter, you don’t drink as much, you don't stuff your face with rigatoni, and you watch your speech, ditching the sailor mouth. Again, this is not being phony, it’s being an adult.

If you want this blind date to lead to a second date, you need to bring out that polished adult out for the evening. Remember to smile more, engage in conversation, and ask your date questions - just like an interview...Well, not about the salary of course. 

Tip #2: Do Not Take Charge

A while ago Adrienne emailed me about her blind date with Tony.  Even though Adrienne and Tony were strangers, she knew who he was through mutual friends and had been dying to go out with him. Adrienne admits that she is “a Type A Personality, control freak, micro-manager who does not like surprises” (her words, not mine).

So being Adrienne, she put her best Type A self forward and planned the entire night. Without asking, she chose an expensive seafood restaurant, picked the time, and made a reservation. As well, she called ahead, asked for a specific table, and pre-ordered the meal for them. You know, because she’s a go-getter.

A little much?

Yes, just a smidgen.

In her attempt to impress Tony, she came off like a complete control freak.

Had Adrienne stepped back and let things come together naturally, she would have learned that Tony is allergic to seafood and prefers to order for himself - like an adult.

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